Welcome to the Iguana Stations un-official blog

Well at the moment the station is a bit thin on the ground as far as volunteers go, however, there are a few still here and as from next month the station will be full again.
The transects for the population study are nearing completion, the rains are being merciful at the moment and staying confined to the early hours of the morning, so the expeditions into the bush have been almost summer-like and not the waterlogged marathons of last month!
The volunteers that we do have been helping out at Utila’s 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament today so it has been extra quiet up here!
Yesterday was a bit more chaotic with the start of a new free “cinema” for the children of Utila. Twice a week we will be showing a film and providing activities for the kids while they are on holiday. This is being funded by the station and from the personal funds of one of the volunteers ( nice one Maja! )
Last week we had a party for our co-director Andrea’s 25th birthday and most eventually recovered from the over-eating and wicked punch.
Tomorrow will be the 26th birthday of Angela the director so we will be having another good party and no doubt a very slow sunday.

This is the first un-official post and hopefully they will get better, we will be asking different volunteers to write future posts and will get them to include fancy stuff like interesting stories and photos!


~ by stevenclayson on November 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Welcome to the Iguana Stations un-official blog”

  1. This is the new Iguana Station Blog, feel welcome to leave your comments and if you were a volunteer here before share some of your experiences of this amazing project !!

  2. One of my fondest memories of working at the Iguana Station was when a tic covered dog kept pestering me and even kept following me onto the dive boat. I pulled some tics off him and he followed me to the station and would not leave. He would stand on his back legs and give me a big hug. We gave him a bath, I had to get in it so he would get in!
    We all now know him as Terry the station dog!

    • Good old Terry! Who, interestingly, has dissappeared in the past couple of days. A couple of volunteers left and are still on the island and he has developed a habit of follwoing them everywhere and sleeping outside their hotel room. ?

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