Welcome to the Iguana Research and Breeding station’s blog, if you would like to know more about what we do and why we do it, please refer to our website: http://www.utila-iguana.de/index.php or check out our visitor/volunteer testimonials. As for the blog, we aim to add an update on a weekly basis so that readers can follow our antics and progress as it happens…


As we speak, the boys are out the back building new enclosures for the female Iguanas. Some of these will be collected from the beach in a couple of weeks (they go down to the beach to lay the eggs they are carrying) and the rest will be the pregnant females that we already have at the station. Once they have been put into their new enclosures, they are looked after until they are ready to lay their eggs, which will then be incubated until they hatch! So, as you can see there is some very exciting stuff about to happen, and our task for the moment is preparation, preparation, preparation!  

In other news: We have a new arrival at the station… a teeny tiny puppy! She’s so sweet! To cut a long story short … on the way back from a night out earlier on in the week, some of the volunteers heard a yelping sound and, after following it, found a very drunk man trying to drown her! They managed to convince him to let them take her and so now (until a new home is found) she is staying with us at the station – yay! We’ve named her ‘Sirena’ which means mermaid in spanish – Elke says it’s fitting 😉

As usual, we are all working very hard to keep things running smoothly and to get ready for our new arrivals, but, we are stil finding time to learn spanish! – some are picking it up considerably quicker than others, but we’re all enjoying it. 😉 Maybe someone will be brave and write a part of the blog in it! Hehe, until next time… Sarah xx


~ by iguana123 on March 2, 2011.

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