Hello iguanas, goodbye puppy

After a pretty rainy weekend the sun is shining again. The volunteers arranged a nice day off to snorkel at Water Caye last Friday – we were very organised and planned it all in advance – but there’s just no accounting for weather. After a rough boat ride with a lovely local fisherman (you can find him at Alice’s laundry, he does cheap prices for trips to the Cayes) we finally arrived at Water Caye. It really is beautiful, you feel like Robinson Crusoe with the island to yourself. However, when the skies emptied and torrential rain completely soaked us, our bags and our lunch we began to realise perhaps the trip wasn’t such a good idea. Just another three-and-a-half hours till Mr Fisherman returns to rescue us. . .

When salvation did arrive in the form of our undersized fishing boat we were all knackered from shivering for so long and sleepily enjoyed the journey back; no more rain, wonderfully calm waters. Mr Fisherman (I will get his name next time) told us dolphins are common but whales not so much. “It’s too warm for whales” he said. And too rainy for us. Looking forward to going back on a sunny day.

Meanwhile, out of the interesting array of offers we have recieved from prospective adopters-of-the-puppy, we have settled on local Mexican restaraunt owner John. A lovely chap who is currently building an enclousure for Sirena to the delight of his nine year old step son, who has been pining for a puppy. Another bonus, I have just got a job at said restaraunt (El Picante, great food, lovely sea view, and customer service actually EXISTS here) which means I get to see the little pup often. Everyone has got rather attatched to her, especially the school groups that come and visit the Iguana Station. She will be missed!

The buildng of the female enclosures is progressing and trips will be arranged soon to go out and catch some pregnant females. The nesting boxes for our current ladies have been put in their cages so egg laying can commence. A pair of iguanas were actually spotted MATING the other day. An impressive crowd gathered, consisting mainly of a  big group of American girls from Charleston who have just left us after volunteering here for their “Alternative Spring Break”. I think I speak for all us English folk when I say I have no idea what “Normal Spring Break” involves, but most importantly they had a great time, were good fun and worked hard.

Other recent arrivals include a luminous little Green Iguana, a big Boa Constrictor and a Brown Vine Snake. Elke is constructing a spacious outdoor enclosure for the Boa which could be quite an attraction. Recent departures sadly include a sorry looking Highlander Iguana found on the road which had a seriously gross parasitic infection. Small, maggotty things had infested seemingly its entire body, eaten its eyes and were writhing in its mouth and nose. We put the poor thing down.

On a lighter note, old Iggy (he’s a frail, ancient-looking iguana) seems to be perking up and looks alot better.

Ta for now 🙂


~ by iguana123 on March 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hello iguanas, goodbye puppy”

  1. Haha, Normal Spring Break = lots of drinking and falling off hotel balconies in places like Florida and Cancun,mostly. Hence this quote from a hotel website in Panama City: “Balcony Climbing is against the law in Florida – Occasionally Spring Breaker’s feel that they just have to climb out or hang over hotel balconies. THIS IS REALLY DANGEROUS!”
    Give Sirena puppy love for us American girls!

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