Hot and Sweaty

The temperature here on Utila is rising as summer creeps nearer, with 35 degreesC  predicted for Wednesday and Thursday this coming week. The volunteers, especially the recent arrivals, are struggling. Tom, who arrived with his girlfriend Claire just a couple of days ago, describes working on the female cages as “not just hot, but sweat dribbling into your eyes hot”. Nice.

Another volunteer equally unaccustomed to the heat is Quin, who arrived yesterday from the cold countryside of Dorset to be plunged into the sweltering Caribbean.  However, the upside of all this is that swimming in the sea becomes more enjoyable, as do cold showers. Tom and Claire managed to spot an Eagle Ray and an octopus on their first snorkel, and today I (accidentally) stood on a baby ray. It was not harmed, don’t worry.

Our Colouring and T-Shirt Design competitions are going well so far with the local schools – the kids are asked to colour in an iguana of their choice or design an environmentally conscious, iguana related T-Shirt which will be created and sold if they win. Interesting entries so far include an iguana which was coloured in by one child to have a large afro.  There’ll be more on these projects, including our recycling project, in a future post.

Today all the iguanas will be caught and tagged with coloured beads so we can name and identify them all easily. This is for our Adopt an Iguana Blog, currently under construction but soon to be linked to this page. 🙂


~ by iguana123 on March 28, 2011.

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