Beading Iguanas and Hunters

Yesterday was a busy one as we had to catch every adult iguana (which they weren’t very happy about) so they could be beaded. Beading the iguanas involves threading a thin wire through their loose neck skin and securing on coloured beads. Some sported nice blue and green combinations, other yellow and red…and so on. The beading doesn’t cause the iguanas any pain. The next job is to give them all original and imaginative names. Any suggestions welcome. Iggy is not allowed, though.

Tonight the volunteers are all hitting the High Tide beach party (there’s one of these pretty much weekly on Utila), so those that agreed to go on an early morning swamp trek on Friday are anticipating a muddy hangover. 

A male iguana was found in a strange state of paralysis this morning in his cage. Although still breathing faintly, he seemed unable to move any of his limbs. The conclusion drawn was that he was simply old and his body was slowly shutting down as he slowly died.

Elke (our German neighbour and an employee here) was recently reunited with her husband Osgood who has returned from the mainland. Osgood hasn’t wasted a minute and has already been out on two trips, taking three volunteers to Iron Bound mangrove area today. The volunteers were upset to see a group of hunters from mainland Honduras heading off to kill some iguanas with machetes. Apparently a cruel trick they use to get away with killing them (which is illegal) is skinning them right there in the mangroves, and returning to the mainland with just the meat. With some unidentifiable meat they do not face getting in trouble.


~ by iguana123 on March 31, 2011.

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