Moody parrots and other such things

The parrots are in for a treat as their brand new aviary has recently been completed. Ramon and Rosalita are our two temperamental birds who take a liking to a select few people and a distinct hatred for everyone else. Unfortunately I fall into the hatred category and am forced to wear a large oven mit when feeding them. However perhaps their new playground, soon to be filled with logs, mirrors and ropes, will make them a little more friendly. They certainly won’t get bored.

The kids T-Shirt and colouring competition is well underway. Tomorrow volunteers will be visiting several more schools to spread the word and get more children involved aided by the presence of Bethan, a recent arrival who speaks Spanish well. She is a bit scared about having to speak to a class of over forty raucous youngsters but, as we said today, one has to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

The iguanas have all been snapped by photographer Gemma Mildren, looking classy in their beads, ready to be uploaded onto the Adopt an Iguana blog.

We have also just been linked up to , a great website that showcases critically endangered species in a bid to get them noticed and helped. The Utila Spiny Tailed Iguana is now proudly on the front page.


~ by iguana123 on April 4, 2011.

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