Baywatch, Coconuts and Baby Mice

Above you can see us volunteers enjoying a jog along the beautiful deserted island that is Water Caye; this was our second attempt at a day trip here and luckily there was no torrential rain this time. Juts a cool sea breeze and hot sun. Recent arrivals Kevin, Victor, Coleen and Sarah (from a college in Germany) were pretty impressed with the Caye. I think Kevin got slightly carried away with the paradise of it all when he walked calf deep into the sea and decided to take a massive jump and dive, yes DIVE, in. Obviously, when one is diving into a shallow depth of around 30cm, collision with the bottom will occur. He now has nice vertical cuts down his chest.

This was luckily the only injury of the day. Everyone had a relaxed swim and a snorkel, we had a generous lunch consisting mainly of Pringles and baleadas (a local street dish consisting of a tortilla stuffed with delicious stuff) and played rugby in the sea with a coconut. You can’t get more Robinson Crusoe than that.

Pelicans are in abundance around the Cayes – they are large, graceful birds in flight but transform into clumsy waddling things when they walk. We also found a starfish corpse in the shallows.

A local fisherman called Bobby took us back to Utila on his speedboat. The journey was extremely bouncy, wet and fun. As far as prices for trips to the Cayes are concerned, a group of about eight people can get a return journey at times of their choice for around L120 each. Bobby charged a little more as his boat was a fast one, but it was certainly L150 well spent.

Here at the station the mice have been multiplying rapidly and we now have two litters of tiny babies. A few days ago they were hairless pink blobs, but are now more developed. Their fate is unfortunately decided though – snake food. We have two rat snakes, a boa constrictor and a brown vine snake here at the moment. Sorry mice.

The botanical trail is looking much more neat and the volunteers had a lot of fun hacking away at stuff with machetes to get it tidy, which is always a satisfying job to do. Now we are attempting to get lots of the plants identified and named to make it all a bit more informative for visitors.

Terry. . .is fast asleep.


~ by iguana123 on April 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Baywatch, Coconuts and Baby Mice”

  1. Very glad about the botanical trail! It was my idea to keep it nice and tidy when I started back in the day. I guess I can start planning the Tree House now.

    Have you guys found a boa to match the baby mice with?

    Greetings from D.C.,


  2. We do indead have a nice little boa, who has shown great affection towards the mice already, always ready to give them a great big cuddle………

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