Joining forces with the police

Despite the efforts of IRBS, iguana poachers are on the rise. This is partly due to the increasing number of people coming over to Utila from the mainland. On a couple of trips recently hunters have been spotted with their machetes and dogs heading off into the mangroves. This is obviously a big problem. To help get rid of these nasty poachers we have asked the police to come along with us on trips to ENFORCE THE LAW. Apparently the smartly dressed policeman rather enjoyed himself on yesterday’s trip (climbing through mangroves after iguanas makes a change from moped’ing it around town looking official). This time no hunters were spotted, but the police will be assiting on most trips now, so when/if we do find them they will be dealt with properly.

People are also being attacked persistently at the moment by the hideous little creature that is the doctor fly (Diachlorus ferruaatus) also known as the yellow fly.  Website ‘Featured Creatures’ ( tells us:-

A doctor fly

‘The female is one of the most serious biting fly pests wherever it occurs (males do not bite). It attacks man vigorously, and the bites usually are painful, causing large and persistently itching swellings in many persons.’

I like the use of the word vigorously there. It is very accurate. I personally have been followed, STALKED in fact, by one of these horrible yellow things for about ten minutes before it finally bit me on the thigh. Two of the volunteers reacted to hand-bites and had some swelling and tingling up their veins.


~ by iguana123 on April 8, 2011.

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