BBQ, dogs, iguanas and whale sharks

Our first wild female has been caught by the talented Mr O this week. She has the pleasure of being the first iguana to settle in to the brand new enclosures, fully furnished and sturdily constructed by the male members of the team. Hate to reinforce stereotypes, but it does seem men are better at DIY here at the station. What can a girl do? Not use a circular saw, clearly.

The sensitive female eye has been put to better use in judging the entries for the colouring competition. Today we have surveyed many pictures, separating them in to one of three piles: dire, average and showing potential. We may need to go on the hunt for some more prizes as there are two angles to take here – do we judge a picture for its realism or its creativeness? Darwin or Gogh? And cannot realism itself be the highest form of creativity?

Swiftly veering away from an artistic debate and back to what’s really going on… as Tom and Claire are leaving tomorrow a few of us will be going on a whale shark watching trip today to say farewell which should be lovely; the seas are calm and the sun is out. Everyone is also flocking to get involved in Scuba Diving here on Utila which is kind of a must since it’s so cheap to do. The Bay Islands College of Diving comes highly recommended.

Terry is now not the only dog at the station. Locals Beauty (a right flirt) and Dingo are spending a lot more time here. They particularly enjoyed last night’s barbecue in which we dished out an impressive spread including veggie burgers, gigantic slabs of meat, potato salad, salsa, tortilla chips, green salad, melon, chicken . . .Good effort.


~ by iguana123 on April 11, 2011.

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