Move fast . .or you will get bitten

It is a scorching hot day here on Utila. The five Germans are out with their coordinator Andreas on the search for plant species. We do seem to struggle a bit here with plant identification – being faced with the task of ID’ing an unknown plant armed with a huge textbook but no botanical knowledge is quite daunting. Hopefully they can shed some light on our local foliage.

Feeding the parrots has now become a covert mission of HOW TO NOT GET BITTEN. Lure in the help of a male to distract Rosalita’s attention? Attempt to charm the birds by making clicky noises and whistling? (Always a fail). Or just man up and go straight in with an oven mit on? The problem is, when I look at the oven mit, then at Roaslita’s razor-sharp beak, I lose trust in both. This task will just have to be designated to a male, forever.

Whilst on the subject of bites, Connor (a recent-ish arrival who is dedicating himself to perfecting his impression of an English-Carribbean accent) received a nice nip from a pissed off boa constrictor yesterday. The snake did not appreciate being moved from its tank and Connor was just too slow. Fortunately it didn’t sink its teeth in too far.

On Tuesday Steve, Andrea, Connor and I went on a trip to Iron Bound joined by Honduran travel writer Laura Bermudez Mesquita and her fancy camera. She is doing a piece on conservation volunteering, which I will link up to here when she has finished. It was a bit of a trek to get there but was made up for by a lovely paddle in the sea afterwards. Especially lovely for me, as my legs were sliced up by numerous rocks and spiky plants on the walk due to Dan’s advice that I should “wear shorts”. Cheers Dan, worst advice ever.

After the trip we were ravenously hungry and this was cured by three slices of Elke’s delicious onion Quiche and refried beans. Despite now looking like a small cat has mauled my calves, it was an enjoyable day.

A couple of good uns from the whale shark trip . .


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