Bring on the Easter Eggs

It is a quiet day here at the station. Four of the volunteers are down at the Bay Islands College of Diving kicking off their open water course with the riveting 3 hour and 40minute PADI video you have to watch…(it does get better after that). We are getting more and more visitors throughout the month, building up to Semana Santa (the religious Easter Week) which is a popular party time here on Utila. Various descriptions from locals on what it will be like have included the words “crazy” and “just crazy”. I have been warned to be prepared to wait longer for food to arrive in cafes (EVEN longer?!) and for bars to be crammed full every night. The kids egg hunt on the beach sounds much more fun.

Terry is being a real pain in the ass at the moment. He has developed an excruciatingly annoying habit – barking very loudly from 5am onwards every morning. Honestly, I do wonder sometimes, why have a dog? The answer is this:  

That’s why.

Beauty is a charming young dog who belongs to someone, somewhere on this island, but has taken to frolicking up here at the iguana station. You can’t help but love Beauty. I’ve never seen a dog whose tail wags so enthusiastically. She also is very adept on her hind legs. If you clap your hands she will hop up and give you her paws for a little dance. Aw.

Swampy, our 15-year-old retired breeding male, has a much neater enclosure than before, which means you can spot him a lot better. He has also been joined by two very shy green iguanas.

Ray Charles, the blind rat, has soared in popularity since I arrived here a month and a half ago. We don’t want to take all the credit, but before Dan and I arrived Ray was a largely ignored, slightly feared and bored rat with some silly name like Gerald. There was an entirely irrational belief circulating the station that he bit. In fact, he is the most chilled out, affectionate and entertaining rat you could ever meet. I took the liberty of making him a gourmet breakfast this morning which included cheddar, grated carrot and beetroot, bread dipped in garlic sauce (went down a treat) and some chilli nuts. He has sophisticated taste does our Ray.


~ by iguana123 on April 15, 2011.

One Response to “Bring on the Easter Eggs”

  1. You are a gentleman and a scholar for bringing joy into Ray’s life and getting him out of isolation and into the world. Being alone is torture for rats. Well played. How often does one get the chance to change a life from sad and miserable to full, rich, and stimulating. There’s a special place in heaven for observant folks with big hearts where helpless creatures are concerned.

    The chili nut appreciation surprises me. My guys and gals avoid capsicum like the (ahem) plague. Shame. I grow amazingly sweet and mild orange, yellow, and red bell peppers in the summer along with the hotter varieties, but they turn up their little twitchy noses at them. Whatever. More for me and the mutts.

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