KITTENS and Lion King

We were all having a bad day yesterday. Everyone seemed slightly less cheerful than usual, a bit drained and not so happy. We needed something to put a smile on our faces. It arrived in the form of two tiny (and I mean TINY) kittens brought in by some local kids who had no home for them. They are no more than 2 and a half weeks old. Cute is an understatement.

It’s funny how cute things, such as kittens, babies, puppies etc. . manage to reduce us to blabbering, cooing idiots. These two have even more of this effect than Sirena, the puppy. One of them we have named Tiger. He is stripey and his eyes are far too big for his head. Because of this our first name choice was actually Gollum (you know, Lord of the Rings) but everyone said this was cruel so we consented to Tiger. The other one is called Bell, she is hailed as the cutest (although I like Tiger’s weirdness) with her lovely tortoiseshell fur. Activities the kittens enjoy include mewling almost constantly, stepping in milk, drinking milk, play fighting and being dried after a bath.

Pictures will follow, I promise.

Last night we all gathered round Julia’s laptop to watch Lion King. What a massive bunch of overgrown children we are. But SO WHAT. Everyone should watch Lion King at least once every two years. (Film rental, L40 from the Reef Cinema).

Hakuna Matata


~ by iguana123 on April 20, 2011.

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