I promised pictures, so here they are . .

<img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-183" title="Bell

Adorable. They are only about 2 and a half weeks so aren’t ready for solids yet but in a week or so we will try them on some wet food. They are showing interest in all kinds of food already, which is great, although when they coming meowing and padding all over your bowl of pasta it’s a little bit annoying. We take it in turns to have them in our rooms at night and do the nighttime feeds. We’re feeding them a mix of evaporated cow’s milk (gives them less bloating than other kinds), corn flour (to give some thickness) and egg yolk. I got this recipe from some PhD cat expert dude’s website. It’s the best we can do in a poor country where cat milk formula is not available. And the kitties seem very happy.

Tonight we hit the town for Semana Santa (Easter Week), when Utila transforms into one big party. We are unsure of what to expect, or if we’ll even manage to get one foot in the door of any of the bars (they are apparently CRAMMED), but we can but try.

A note on alcohol now, which British people will appreciate: ABSOLUT Vodka, which costs a bomb at home, is dirt cheap here. Thinking of buying in bulk and selling on the streets in England! Have just re-read that sentence and it sounds dodgy. I won’t be doing that.

Iguanas, iguanas, iguanas . . .they are chilling in the reptilian way as per. It isn’t so sunny today though so they won’t be showing their faces quite so much. Victor, a German volunteer, is ‘taming’ our boa constrictor to be more used to handling. Last time I saw the snake it was curled round his arm like a piece of elaborate jewellery, so he must be doing pretty well.

OH DEAR the kittens are crying, time for a feed. Adios amigos.


~ by iguana123 on April 21, 2011.

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