Semana Santa

The religious easter week of Central America is in full swing. Utila is FULL of people, mainly Spanish people holidaying over here from mainland Honduras. We went out last night and strangely, the entire island population seemed to gravitate to just one bar, Tranquila. The beach was mysteriously empty. Bar in the Bush, the club nearest to the iguana station, was still playing music when I woke up at seven this morning.

Bethan, who studied French, Spanish and Italian at Southampton University, is now chief tour guide for all Spaniard visitors. Her language skills put us all to shame, unfortunately.

Tonight we are heading out for either fish at Babalou or pizza at Pizza Nut (clever island pun there). The warning about being prepared to wait longer for food was a valid one – last night in Mango Cafe we had a hell of a wait, but it was worth it for a delicious blue cheese and apple pizza (called a Melinda). Sounds wrong but tastes right.

The botanical trail has been mapped out and various interesting plants identified with nice little signs made by Sammy. It makes a nice addition to the tour for visitors to have a wander down there by themselves.

The Boa Constrictor has ESCAPED. How it managed to get out of such a well sealed box we are not sure . . but it will now be roaming the wild again.

More soon!


~ by iguana123 on April 22, 2011.

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