Swimming with turtles and setting fire to a praying mantis

So, what have we been up to?

Yesterday we treated ourselves to yet another trip to Water Caye with the lovely Captain Bobby. For some reason going to the Cayes demands that we all bring copious amounts of food. Of course, the half hour boat ride through calm seas is a tiring and strenuous journey that leaves us all ravenous. We enjoyed baleadas from Lydia’s bakery, Cadbury’s dairy milk (recently appeared in Samantha’s, much to our delight), Skittles, biscuits, cookies . . and I brought an apple to ensure nobody got scurvy. But the most exciting food was our new discovery of PENGUIN CAKES. They are fabulous. A mere L16 can buy you a packet of two – they are moist spongy cupcakes with chocolate icing and white drizzle on top, then a delicious white chocolate creamy filling.  Not too sickly, and perfectly filling. (See what I mean about food obsession? This blog becomes less about iguanas and more about eating every day . .)

A recent dive session was a lot of fun. I saw a huge eel, squid and  beautiful turtle which swam along with us for about ten minutes, unusual for a usually shy animal. As most of us are leaving soon we’re all hoping to squeeze in a few more dives before we leave, Sammy is doing her advanced course also.

Last night’s BBQ was a success. We even had proper pudding, fruit salad made by Dan. At one point a big, red-coloured praying mantis crawled its way out from under a burning log. They are extraordinary insects – they have a strange, regal posture as they prop themselves up on their front legs. (Don’t worry about the blog title, it was merely a bit charred).

There have been a fair few escapes of juvenile iguanas recently due to their cages being a bit old and with some holes in. Quin, a volunteer from Dorset, used to design and build rabbit cages back in the UK so he’s been given the job of creating some new juvenile cages. The old parrot cages are being improved to house snakes in the future.

The botanical trail is almost finished. Sammy has been making signs for the plants and has discovered some interesting species, such as the Bastard Plant. !

Kitten feeding time again.


~ by iguana123 on April 25, 2011.

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