Sorry for lack of posts recently . . yesterday for me was spent vomiting and fainting. Not pleasant. Think it’s some kind of upset tummy combined with being in 36 degree C heat.

Feeling slightly better today but still a bit weak and wobbly, like Bambi on ice.

We delivered the first of the colouring competition prizes yesterday and the kids were very happy, especially with the best of school winner taking cinema tickets away, ooooh!

Friday will be a big leaving day for most of us and will also be Dan’s birthday so celebrations are in order. The Giffiti challenge (a revolting drink brewed somewhere in the Honduran jungle, ridiculously strong, do 5 shots and win a T-shirt. .) and karaoke have been suggested. Should be a messy night.

Ta for now.


~ by iguana123 on April 27, 2011.

One Response to “Ill.”

  1. Actually the giffiti drink is very special, containing many herbs it was traditionally made by the Garrifuna as a medicinal drink. It was the tourists here in Honduras that turned it into a way of falling over very quickly!!! Steve

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