The Weekend

There has been a new batch of volunteers infesting the station, whilst many others have left. As a result along with the fact that it was the weekend the blogging had died.
Well what has happened?… On Friday a few new volunteers arrived and it was also Dan’s birthday thus the newbie’s were induced into a friendly relaxed environment along with a table full of alcohol.
The night was very messy – although Dan had thoroughly enjoyed himself and Joe has a new flag 😉
The following morning there was a somber atmosphere due to the amount of Giffiti which was consumed the previous night, just to inhale the substance is enough to upset ones stomach!! Once recovered though we did head down to the beach and did some snorkeling whilst the delicates remained at the station feeling sorry for themselves.
We have also constructed a new larger cage for the kittens as they were getting quite stressed living in the tiny little rat cage!! And so they now have more space to roam around and play – although whilst we are at the station they are usually sat on someone’s lap as they are still adorable as ever. Terry the station dog who hates motorcycles and still continues to bark and chase them as if he is going to scare them away has been in the wars whilst we take him around the island in our leisure time. For some reason he thinks he is the TOP DOG on the island. Maybe you could say he is considering he is always roaming round with a posse of volunteers.
On Sunday some of us woke just before 5am to go and watch the football (We are 7 hours behind GMT). Around midday we then went to Chepes beach in search of the free lionfish BBQ. I think that the idea of some free food had induced a mass migration this morning – when we arrived the food had all gone – even Steve said that they had only received a miniature lionfish between his family who arrived much earlier than we did 

Time for some dinner now nom nom nom.


~ by iguana321 on May 4, 2011.

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