Hello from Imogen

I´ve been here at the iguana station for 6 days now and it is already feeling like home. I have learnt so much in a short space of time. The people here are all really nice and have all been very helpful. We fill our days with feeding the iguanas, cleaning their cages and foraging for things for them to eat like crabs and termites. We fill our bellies with rum. I´ve been helping Andrea look after the eggs. We open each box of eggs and check that the sand they are in is wet enough, if not we add a little water with a syringe as too much water can be bad too. If the sand is really dry we change the sand and put the eggs into a new box. There were a few eggs that had a fungus and had become infertile. When they have a fungus we cut them open to see that they are infertile then move the healthy eggs from the same box into a new one. I got lots of sand under my nails. And the bad eggs smell kinda funky. I think the job I’ve enjoyed most has been collecting crabs for the adults, particularly with the obligatory dip in the sea that follows. My least favorite job: cleaning the cages. Yesterday Helene, Maddie and I went to pumpkin hill. It was a long way on foot. We stopped off at the mini-golf course. It looked like somewhere from a film. When we arrived the owner and his mate were just chillin having a couple of Salva Vidas. “Crazy Ed” built the course himself from bits of plastic, old guttering etc. So had a beer and a smoke and played some crazy golf. We were funnily awful but it was awfully fun. The long walk to the hill was worth it and the sun was just starting to set over the sea as we were leaving. I think Maddie freaked out a bit walking through a forest trying to find a road. We made it back in one piece and had an early night.

Last night was less quiet. The new volunteers arrived yesterday. All British. Sam, Sofia and Laura. Naturally I got cracking on the Cuba libres and Richard and I nearly finished the rum once we left. We hit up Babalu’s which was starting to close, fortunately the nice Australian bar lady took pity on our sobriety and poured us 3 very large gifittis. I did not enjoy my first gifitti. I almost hurled right there in the bar. Inevitably it was Tranquila after that, who seemed to be playing exactly the same playlist as my previous visit there. I drank to many rum punches. We found Beauty on the stumble home and tied her up ready for appointment with the vet. Richard made bacon and egg sandwiches, Sam fumbled with his belt creating a makeshift collar for Beauty, I sat in the chair swaying seeing double of everything. This morning I felt a bit sorry for myself but after couple of Alka-Seltzers I was good to go. Today Maddie and I failed at taking Beauty to the vet, it was moved or shut down or something. Helene went on a field trip with Nadia and she caught an iguana. I helped Maddie with making some posters to advertise the tours we offer. Then ran some errands in town. This afternoon Andrea and I went to meet a lady to discuss teaching a street dance class to the local kids. We´ll be performing on 16th June at the awareness festival. It is all about teaching the kids about sexual health, drugs and violence. I´ll be teaching a class of 10 kid’s ages about 10 or 11. I need to find a song relevant to the themes in the awareness festival, it’s a challenge but I can’t wait, I miss dancing so much!! That’s all for now, peace out!


~ by iguana321 on May 26, 2011.

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