wag wan at the iguana station

I had responsibility of the hummingbird feeder this week…I’m still excited about the fact we have hummingbirds here and was more than happy  to do the job.

The kittens are beginning to be a bit of a handful and are getting more adventurous everyday. We will be putting up posters to try and re-home them this week.

I gave my first three tours of the station on Friday.

Yesterday an american bloke dropped off an iguana here who’d been run over. It was a hybrid of a swamper and a highlander. Unfortunately it didn’t survive.

One of the juveniles temporarily escaped at this mornings feed, panic spread across the station. it was returned to its cage quicker than I could find my flipyfloppys.

Maddie and Helene returned from skid row last night looking  merry sporting new skid row t-shirts earnt through doing the gifitti challenge (4 shots of gifitti and you win a t-shirt)

Had very relaxing day at the beach yesterday and had a bit of a snorkel, saw lots and lots of parrot fish and a SWARM of piddily mini mini mini mini fishlets, there were BRAZILLIONS of them!

We all had a go at cutting Sam’s hair last night after his failure to find a barber that was open. I think it was a success….

I’ve chosen ‘My Generation’ by Damian Marley, Nas and Joss Stone as the song for the performance at the awareness festival. My first lesson didn’t go ahead unfortunately, the kids had been ‘dispatched'(?) fingers crossed for 3 lessons this week to make up for it!


~ by iguana321 on May 29, 2011.

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