Rich kissed a girl, and he liked iiiit

Well this week we have had a few farewells. On monday we said goodbye to the kittens : ( There was a polarised response to this. Helene who’s been like a mother to them was understandabley distraught, others saw their rehoming as a relief (kittens weeing on the table/bags/peoples t-shirts/pooing in the lab/flea ridden hammock/ hair and paw-prints all over the table/ allergies etc etc) . I had mixed emotions….I miss them, but as one of the only volunteers left at the station who had warmed to the kittens, I knew it would be down to me to feed them 5 times a day, play with them, keep an eye on them and change their pissy news paper. I loved the cats but it would have been a big responsibility, especially with them getting so adventurous. Their new owner is the guy from Skid Row; one of the bars in town. He seems keen on animals as he has two dogs and we’re confident they will be happier there.

We also waved goodbye to Maddie and Helene today. We had our farewell dinner at babalus. Richard was wasted within the hour and gushed about past volunteers and bitched about a snobby american woman. We took the party to tranquila as per and a merry time was had by all. We were all shocked to find Richard snogging some Canadian bird, but the less said about that the better (I know he’s reading this!)

‘Prison Break’ has become a big part of the lives of many of the volunteers and we huddle around the TV at most of our free hours of the day.

On Sunday we played monopoly…it got quite heated and to be honest I was glad to abandon the game for dinner and even gladder when we decided to put it away after dinner. (never would have won anyway… everyone else had all the f***ing property). We’ve eaten out quite a bit over the last few days as we’ve had no gas. Personally I’ve enjoyed reaping the benefits of Alka’s food services as the chicken burger she cooks is BUFF and at 20 lemps, you can’t beat them baleadas. Sam and I used the lack of gas as an excuse for a barbie…who knew termites nests made such good barbecue fuel?

In iguana news we’ve spent a lot of time making the old female cages hospitable for the juveniles so we can spread them out more. Now there are 15 iguanas per cage as opposed to 50. They were getting a bit fighty in their competition for food! There’s been lots of sewing new mesh over holes and adding extra staples over gappy pieces of mesh. We thought we’d got all the holes and so moved the iguanas in yesterday. However yesterday when I was having a butchers at the iguanas in their new homes I noticed an iguana on the wrong side of the cage, luckily I caught it, but a lot of time was spent working out which cage it had escaped from, trying to find a hole in said cage and then repairing yet more holes. All in all they seem to be happy and healthy in their new roomier abodes.

I’ve started teaching a street dance class to 10 of the kids from one of the local schools. The Visitors Centre has become a makeshift dance studio 3 mornings of the week. I’m loving it and the kids seem to be too. I’ m little worried about teaching the dance in just 2 weeks, but you know what they say:  ‘it will be alright on the night!’

Thats all for now. I’ve tried to be more descriptive in today’s blog as Steve said my last entry read like a shopping list!


~ by iguana321 on June 1, 2011.

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