rain rain go away!

Seeing as I’m British the inevitable weather update is here. Torrential downpours for the last week. The iguanas (being cold-blooded) haven’t been active, they need the sun for energy and also to digest food.  They haven’t been eating so we haven’t been feeding them. A bit of a relief considering the quantity of alcohol consumed over the weekend (mostly by Richard…surprise surprise!)

The weather hasn’t however been keeping the visitors away and and I gave 6 or so tours last week.

In the words of my good friend Frank Turner; “It’s been quite a heavy weekend and I can just about remember where I’ve been”.  Friday night Richard, Sam and I went to skid row to try the gifitti challenge, unfortunately they’d run out of t-shirts and I certainly wasn’t going to down four shots of gifitti without some sort of reward at the end of it. We drank lots of cubalibres and went to Tranquila and drank more cubalibres. Bumped into the Americans from Common Tides and then went to Utila Lodge for late night kareoke where we sang The Spice Girls, The Kooks and R Kelly. Beaut. Our downfall was returning to Tranquila once they’d chucked everyone out of kareoke. We rooked it there….

We spent Saturday recovering on the beach, Sam and I had a go a paddle boating which is where you stand up on a surfboard-come-canoe and paddle your way along the calm waters surrounding the beach. Then I had a scuba tune up lesson (with a very handsome diving instructor) to revise the diving skills I’d learnt 2 years ago. We met with the Common Tides crew again for dinner at Main Street (which I wasn’t overly impressed with) then went to Tranquila again with all the best intentions of having a ‘quiet one’, well that ship sailed with my 4th cubalibre! I dropped my rucksack into the sea, ended up having to jump in after it to save my phone, ipod, money and speakers, spent the rest of the night soaked. Richard and I crawled home around 4 and spent all of Sunday feeling very worse for wear.

We welcomed a new volunteer, James, to the station yesterday. It was Sam and Richard’s last night so we all went out for a very civilised meal at La Picola, the Italian restaurant in town. We ate steak and got cracking on the vino tinto. Tranquila happened again. Andrea’s parents partied just as hard as all of the volunteers and we soon realised that we would not be returning to the station for a nice game of articulate as we’d originally planned! Sambucca after Sambucca we managed to get the whole bar dancing even and especially Andrea’s parents. Happy days. Richard got annihilated and poor James and I had to carry him home.

Today the sun has come out again (hurrah!) and Mr Osgood, James and I cycled to collect some crabs (to feed the adult swampers) from a spot near the private beach. En route to pumpkin hill we cycled through the jungle and Mr Osgood showed us a cave. We collected some bamboo from the beach by pumpkin hill. We will wire pieces of the hollow bamboo to the new juvenile cages so that they will have some shelter from the rain. I love it at pumkin hill, we saw lots of shaky-paws. They are brightly coloured lizzards about 15cm long, they’re really cool, bright green with turquoise and magenta and yellow bits all over them. They run around for a little while, then they stop abruptly and then they move their foreleg really really fast.

Steve and Andrea had a meeting about the turtles who nest on the beaches near pumpkin hill today. As of next week two volunteers will patrol the beach for two nights a week to try and protect the eggs from poachers but also to do the bio-metrics of them, measure them, monitor, tag them and track them. We will also be there during the day everyday of the week. I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve never seen a wild turtle! and I love it around pumpkin hill, it’s beautiful. We want to be able to have 24 hour surveillance on the beach so we’ve contacted the dive shops in search of more manpower.

Adios for now!


~ by iguana321 on June 7, 2011.

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