Shenanigans with the new kids on the block.

It’s been a while since the last blog and since then there’s been a fair few new additions to the station. I’ll start by listing who’s here;
Laura, Sophie, James, Dan, Lisa, Graham, Kirsten, Jade, Claire, Rogan, Julia.
Throughout the week we’ve all been finding our feet and working out what our jobs are here. We’ve all grown big enough cojones (Get the Spanish dictionary out!) to get in the iguana cages and we’ve started the war on mosquitos.
My first night here was Imogens last. We all trooped down to an awesome Israeli food joint where we ate our own body weight in falafel and attempted to fit some beer in too at Tranquila.

For our whole first week the island came to a stand still with most of the shops and bars closed because of the heinous crime of tax evasion.. Who’d have thought the tax man could find you here. Maybe not the most obvious crime you’d have associated with the upstanding citizens of Utila. Normality soon resumed when the tax man filled his pockets, and the party began again..

On our first weekend together we made a group trip down to the public beach and played an EPIC game of football with the local kids. Graham and Lisa played on the kids side and the rest of us made up a team of grown ups. I’d love to say we gave the game to the kids, or at least played fair but we spent the second half pushing and grabbing and Dan managed to catch the smallest boy in the head with the ball. He bounced back.. He tackled Graham (they were on the same team) and gave the ball to our side and we scored the winning goal. To celebrate we ended up in Skidrow for some top notch food and a few beers. Graham took on the Gifitti challenge to win Soph a Skidrow t-shirt. Giffiti is a local shot that’s poured extremely generously and is a tad bit lethal. With pride, and a fair amount of prodding from Graham, I can say he done it without even as much as a grimace.

Later that night a few of us ended up at a beach party at the other end of the island. After two bottles of insanely cheap rum (a litre of Bacardi Gold for £4!!) we danced our sweaty socks off til the early hours. Graham (more prodding) stayed at the station and polished off a bottle of vodka and had a party of his own. All of us were suffering on Sunday. But nothing a few hours in a hammock couldn’t cure.

We did actually do some work this week. We promise. A few people went on a trip to track iguanas, trekking through muddy swaps getting nice and dirty. The rest of us hung back doing the feeding and cleaning and helping out around the station. We all tried our hands at crabbing and collecting termites. Kirsten has made an enemy in Rosalitta, our psycho parrot who has a vendetta against women. We’ve decided she must hate blondes in particular. Graham, on the other hand, has found his new island girlfriend. He enjoyed some up close snuggling with Rosalitta in her cage until Kirsten came over and made her jealous. Graham got a peck on the cheek, and not one he appreciated. He says he became ‘a victim of a brutal and viscous assault on a beautiful and innocent young man.’ I’m chuckling whilst I’m typing.

Monday night Steve and Andrea patrolled Pumpkin beach looking for female turtles and protecting them from poachers. The season has begun. Tonight we’re having a BBQ to mark Dan’s last night at the station. More news will follow.


Claire & Graham


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